23 Mar

We observe that MSM and WSW could also have appeal that is strategic worldwide work

Likewise, homosexual and bisexual guys organize sexual behavior in lots of ways that MSM doesn’t convey. As noted by Ayala:

HIV prevention is now similar to condom use and condom use is becoming solely about anal sex. . . . This concentrate on anal intercourse and condom usage is reductionist; it narrows the possibilities that are sexual homosexual and bisexual guys of color. It limits HIV prevention messages into the news, along with the specific- and group-level interventions carried out by [community-based organizations]. Through this rubric there clearly was small room for discussing, understanding, or marketing other intimate choices and alternatives apart from rectal intercourse and condom use.38 (p8)

Ignoring identity in HIV prevention efforts may be perilous, because intimate identities might provide essential clues for general general public wellness prevention efforts. In their research of Latino sex, Munoz-Laboy noted:“The nagging issue aided by the MSM category is the fact that lots of men usually do not recognize with all the label, leading with their increased alienation from HIV prevention techniques.”24 (p58) This led Munoz-Laboy24 (p59) to advocate that “we . . . Read More