22 Feb

Hyuk, also spelled Hyok or Hyeok, is really a single-syllable masculine Korean offered title, in addition to a feature in certain two-syllable Korean provided names.

This is varies in line with the hanja used to create the title. Hanja and meaning There are nine hanja with this particular reading from the South Korean federal government’s formal directory of hanja which might be found in offered names; they have been: As Yul thinks that Yi-seo, your ex whoever household had been killed and then he has vowed to marry, has additionally been killed when you look at the coup, he bitterly resents their brand new position since the top prince of Joseon.

Also he longed for her though he believes that Yi-seo was killed. Years in, during a drought that is long Yul orders the wedding of most singles throughout Joseon. That is in order to avoid consummating their wedding to your Crown Princess, the child of this Vice Premier, who he hates. Read More