12 Mar


If you do not know very well what MILF is short for, stop looking over this weblog.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I’m doing my “dating duty” or my dating homework. I’m approaching dating like a finding employment. You upload your resume, clean your image, carry on a job interview (first date) after which if it really works, you obtain employed or employ them for an endeavor period.

We joined up with a website that is dating I’m saying ‘yes’ to lunch and dinner times and even buddy fix-ups. My calendar is complete! Therefore is my belly. If you should be a MILF, much of your relationship will be blind. There isn’t time with children and work to run around town.

This may shock you. If you’re a MILF, and also you like guys, state, 5 years older or over, you’ve got your pick! In reality, they all are desperately looking for “wife replacements” as thoughts of mortality and their hairlines creep through to them. It’s a seller’s market. We’ve got items, therefore spend some time and bring your pick. [However, in the event that you like guys your actual age or more youthful, odds are, they like more youthful females. I’ve got brothers that are single and so I understand. It really is simply a known fact of life. Get on it. Go with the somewhat older guy].

And, as evidence that i will be seriously interested in finding real love, we provide this exemplory case of my excellent behavior (i will be really pleased with myself): i acquired approached because of the hottest looking 30-year-old, hunky male specimen who simply occurs to, get this, have actually ‘A THING FOR ELDER WOMEN’. Read More