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Interpreting Your SAT Results. Get the inside tale on the score that is SAT report uncover what the figures indicate.

Score Construction

Complete rating: 400–1600

Evidence-Based Reading and section that is writing 200–800

Mathematics Section: 200–800

SAT Essay: Three results which range from 2–8

Putting Your SAT Results in Attitude

Your rating report offers a complete great deal of comments, plus it could be difficult to understand the place to start.

Mean scores essay writing, percentiles, and benchmarks—described below—can help you add your ratings in viewpoint. Subscores and cross-test scores will allow you to recognize talents and weaknesses to check out exactly exactly what abilities need even even more training. However your rating report won’t inform you in the event that you passed because there’s no thing that is such a moving rating.

Stepping into university

You get into your top-pick colleges, you can use BigFuture’s College Search to find out how their freshmen scored if you’re wondering whether your score will help. But remember that although SAT results are very important, universities think about good deal of various various other elements once they make entry choices.

Retaking the SAT Takes Training

While you find out about results, take into account that numerous pupils make the SAT when it comes to first-time in the springtime of the junior year, and once again within the autumn of these senior 12 months. Read More