18 Mai

Savage Love: Deep Cucks. Cuckolding might be one thing you’ll need, CHURN, however it’s something you’re asking the wife to complete.

I will be a bi, white, married man — 35 yrs . old and surviving in a big Midwestern town. I’d like to learn what’s going on during my psyche — from a sex-research perspective. I’ve been hung up on cuckold dreams with my female partner for many years now. I’m a creative person and I’m especially fond of creative fantasizing during intercourse, and my partner enjoys this also. But 9 times away from 10, I’m rotating a yarn about her fucking other guys, whether it’s a threesome, cuckolding beside me viewing, or her heading out on dates and coming house a delicious mess. These dreams took an unexpected change whenever we asked her to generally share stories about people she fucked in past times. Read More