01 Apr

Let me tell you more about 37 English terms for Describing a Person’s Appearance

Vocabulary Builder Course In this concept you’re going to enhance your language with 37 terms to explain a person’s appearance.

Let’s start out with the phrase stunning – in English, this term is mainly used for ladies. We utilize the term handsome for guys. To spell it out stunning women, we likewise have the language pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning – “stunning” means exceptionally breathtaking, like a female that is so gorgeous that she draws lots of attention!

Another phrase to spell it out a lady such as this is always to state that “She turns heads” – implying that after she walks across the street, individuals turn their heads to concentrate their attention on the.

The terms attractive, good-looking, adorable, and hot can be utilized for both gents and ladies. Pretty is a more playful term to say you were appealing; we frequently use “cute” for the kids and infant pets. Additionally the term hot https://datingreviewer.net/chatrandom-review/ is a slang word that you ought to just utilize during casual conversations among buddies.

The exact opposite of stunning or handsome is ugly – but that’s a very good word, so people express this concept making use of the negative as a type of among the good terms, as an example: “She’s not to attractive” or “He’s not so good-looking.”

Finally, you have the term plain – that describes an individual who is ordinary-looking – maybe maybe not particularly beautiful/handsome, not specially ugly either.

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