16 Feb

How do you conquer this feeling which he may nevertheless be seeing her and speaking with her?

Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice line.

Dear Annie: my spouce and i have already been hitched for 43 years. I’ve a life that is good or more We thought. Recently I learned that he’s got had an affair. Once I asked him about any of it, he explained it was just for eight months. In which he stated the good explanation had been because i might not start intercourse. Ha, this is certainly a two method road. Anyhow, some checking was done by me and discovered down that it had been for 2 years. He’s got seen her on Christmas time and brand New 12 months’s Eve. And then he even came across along with her on the anniversary. Then I discovered after I had major lung surgery that he went to see her a few hours.

He has got cried and told me exactly how sorry he’s. And just how foolish he had been for carrying this out. Every single day since i came across this away, he has got stated he could be sorry. But let me reveal my issue. First, she was lent by him some funds little, but $400, and she reimbursed $100. He’s got been calling her wanting the remainder. I discovered her, and he told me yes, he wants his money out he called. We told him to forget it.

2nd, he’s sex with curvy woman got had back surgery three times. The one that is last him with numbness and weakness both in legs. Read More