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by Ralph A. Miriello

East satisfies western – report on „Spirit and Spice” by George Br ks’ Summit

The path that is musical of George Br ks is just a serpentine someone to say minimal. He has always appeared to be attracted to slightly out from the mainstream artists like the pianist Jaki Byard, the saxophonist that is iconoclast Guiffre and trombonist Slide Hampton. He’s got examined with George Russell, played in orchestras led by Gunther Schuller and collaborated with the minimalist composer/pianist Terry Riley. Sometime back the 1980’s he t k two extensive trips to India and there he became captivated by the music with this land that is ancient. He studied with and master that is befriended vocalist Pandit Pran Nath, a friendship that lasted before the master’s death in 1996.

By having a understanding that is thorough of raga style he’s used numerous important Indian artists both here and abroad. Their relationship with master fusion drummer and another time member of the stone group Journey, Steve Smith, led him to form their Raga Bop Trio with Smith and Indian electric guitar player Prasanna. Their work with tabla master Zakir Hussain led him to be a featured artist on John McLauglin’s „Floating Point ” album in 2008.

On Spirit And Spice , Br ks has written and performed a fascinating, sonically rich and rhythmically alive collection of music that effectively integrates two distinct musical kinds, creating an alluring hybrid having a unique distinct appeal.

Through the opening salvo “Mons n Blues” you get struck by having a funk that is high-powered song. Read More