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The musiXmatch api is built around words, but there are numerous other information we provide through the api you can use to b st every music service that is existent.

Music meta data

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Let’s explore the info we provide with some suggestion on the best way to utilize them for every single object that is api


Within the track item you will get the following more information

The track rating is a score 0-100 determining just how popular is just a track in musixmatch.

You should use this information to sort search results, just like the best tracks of a musician, of the music genre, of the words language.

Instrumental and Explicit flags

The instrumental banner identifies songs with music just, no words.

The explicit banner identifies songs with explicit lyrics or title that is explicit. We’re able to determine explicit words and set the flag for probably the most typical languages.

Exactly How numerous users have actually this track within their list of favourites.

Could be used to sort tracks by num favourite to identify more tracks that are popular a set.

The music genere of this track.

May be used to cluster songs by genre, as input for similarity alghorithms, artist genre identification, navigate songs by genere, etc.

Song titles translations

The track name, as translated in different lanauages, can be used to display the writing that is right an offered user, instance

Understanding Track Id’s

Every track has two distinct Id’s


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In the artist object you can get the next nice more information

Responses and nation

An musician comment is just a snippet that is short of that can easily be used mainly for disambiguation.

The musician nation is the born country associated with artist/group

You can find two search that is perfect if you search by musician aided by bumble login without facebook the keyword „U2″. Indeed there are two music that is distinct with this specific exact same name, one is the most known irish band of Bono Vox, one other is really a less popular (world wide speaking) team from Japan. Read More