02 Mar

15 Responses Polyamorous Folks Are Sick And Tired Of Getting

7. ‘But What About Teenagers?’

Polyamorous females (or people that are regarded as females) tend to be expected this question. Men seem to have it never as frequently because they’re maybe maybe not anticipated to prepare their everyday lives around increasing kiddies.

Some individuals, including some polyamorous individuals, are perhaps perhaps not thinking about having kiddies . Asking someone “But what about children?” is presumptive.

Furthermore, the concern shows that polyamory and parenting are incompatible.

Many people that are polyamorous raise young ones with more than one of these lovers .

Although this definitely is sold with its challenges, polyamory doesn’t suggest an unstable or environment that is inappropriate young ones.

And, as any young son or daughter of breakup understands, monogamy is not any guarantee of any such thing.

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