01 Iul

Why Dating in San Francisco Bay Area is The Worst

By Daisy Barringer

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From crappy dating apps to constant flaking, is finding love when you look at the 7×7 even feasible anymore?

Dating in San Francisco sucks. There. It was said by me. Once Again. ‘Cause yeah, I’m sure: I’m maybe maybe maybe perhaps not saying any such thing brand new. But, that is maybe maybe maybe perhaps not planning to keep me personally from saying it. And, yeah, there’s an excellent opportunity i’m just rehashing the exact same problems most of us groan about often. But that is okay, because if we’re all nevertheless whining exactly how awful it really is up to now in bay area, this means we now haven’t actually done almost anything to change it out… which means that, discussing these problems remains necessary, and can continue being necessary until we change exactly how we date. Read More