02 Oct

Dudes admired the ponytail, as well. Over the few days that we ponied upwards, we compatible with 25 lads — twice as much level I bet during chignon few days.

As soon as the problem that was the chignon, I decided on the way down to earth a little bit. I’m not really someone that likes a ponytail, often. (The nose thing once more.) Furthermore, I thought I check greater with a little parts inside my tresses, and a ponytail does not really enable that. But I did enjoy the ponytail I ended up attaching upwards for my favorite picture. I’d applied some IGK 30,000 ft levels product to give it some feel, and to maintain it a little nearer to the unpleasant tresses I tend to really like. Because of that, the pony alone had some beautiful body fat and the body to it. Read More