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Worries that each and every individual the truth is regarding the road, when you look at the drugstore as well as the club is somebody who has refused you on Tinder.

Tagline logorrhea

Whenever players who otherwise appear attractive write thousand-word tagline essays about their life philosophy of loving and residing and laughing.


Tinder memes

Places or items that reveal up over and over in Tinder pictures, such as for instance tigers, Machu Picchu, Coachella and cartoon mustaches. Extensive publicity may prompt a person to identify that nobody is a flower that is special.

Tinder advertising

Semi-famous tv movie stars and snowboarding that is obscure often utilize Tinder to market. Therefore merely to clear things up, Lamorne Morris (Winston from “New Girl”) doesn’t actually want to date you.


That bespectacled lawyer man who chats you up all but orders you to find him on OKCupid whenever you recommend products because he “trusts that website more. day”

Flurry, the thursday

The rush of Tinder task which takes place if the average player understands he has got no week-end plans, or at the least no weekend that is late-night, or maybe simply maybe not sufficient late-night weekend plan choices.

Weakness in numbers

Whenever a new player cannot accurately measure the hotness of some other player because every solitary certainly one of her photographs is of her whole selection of buddies.

Amanda Lewis’ Tinder calling card is as twee as can be: a photograph of her operating joyously through an industry. She mostly writes for Los Angeles Weekly

by Amanda Lewis

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