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1. Start the e-mail you received. 2. Click on the Actions menu on top of one’s e-mail screen. 3. Select Junk e-mail (see illustration below). 4. Choose Add Senders Domain. to Safe Senders List to include SugarDaddyMeet to your safe transmitter list.

Or Follow These Procedures

1. Start the e-mail. 2. Right-click the sender’s e-mail target. 3. Click „add to contacts” into the short-cut menu. 4. Click „conserve and shut.”

1. Start the e-mail. 2. Click „add target” icon (in the right) to increase your „People i am aware” address or list guide. 3. Verify the transmitter’s contact information. 4. Save it.

1. Choose Cloudmark | Options . through the Cloudmark SpamNet toolbar in Outlook. 2. Click Advanced. 3. Go to the Whitelist tab. 4. Click the Add switch. 5. Type: somethingSugarDaddyMeet 6. Click OK. 7. Click OK. 8. Click Yes. 9. Read More