31 Mar

A guide that is definitive waiting to text somebody right back: will it be petty or necessary?

Cause them to suffer, demonstrably

Let’s be guys that are real w aiting to text somebody right back can be viewed petty, but often it is necessary, plus it’s much better than coming down as hopeless.

After all, if playing difficult to get is indeed “frowned upon,” explain why a famous poet when said “Let’s perform a love game, perform a love game. Would you like love, or perhaps you want popularity? Have you been into the game? Dans le love game.” That poet isn’t any except that Lady Gaga, our Lord and Savior.

whenever y’all ignoring each other & looking forward to a text right right back but y’all both too damn petty to text first

Really however, why wouldn’t we perform games when that’s the whole premise of flirting? Life itself plays games with me every single day, and I’d actually be damned if i did son’t play them straight back.

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