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Existence Pointers That Doesn’t Draw

Hi. I m tag.

I am just the number 1 NYTimes Bestselling composer of The insidious ways of Not providing a F*ck and all things are F*cked: an ebook About Hope. We write life assistance that will be science-based, realistic, and non-bullshitty – a.k.a., daily life advice that doesn t take in. People claim we m an idiot. People state I saved their lifetime. Please read on and judge for your self.

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Lifetime Goal

What are movement that you experienced and make the phone.

Personalized Ideals

Experience about what you do, everything stand for, and what you certainly give a screw about.


End sabotaging by yourself and build small characteristics with large affect.

Interactions uncover the amazing fact about the reasons why your own relations realize success or are unsuccessful.

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