11 Mar

Georgia Code Title 16. Payday financing involves loans that are relatively small doesn’t encompass loans that include interstate business

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(a) Without restricting in every way the range with this chapter, “ payday lending ” as utilized in this chapter encompasses all deals for which funds are advanced become paid back later on, notwithstanding the fact the deal contains a number of other elements and a “ payday lender ” shall be one who partcipates in such deals. This concept of “ payday lending ” expressly includes the exceptions and examples found in subsections (a) and (b) of Code Section 16-17-2 .

(b) even though the Attorney General for the State of Georgia has opined in formal Opinion 2002-3 joined on June 27, 2002, that payday financing is in breach of Georgia law and even though the Industrial Loan Commissioner has granted stop and desist purchases against various payday loan providers within the State of Georgia, the typical Assembly has determined that payday financing continues within the State of Georgia and therefore you can find perhaps not adequate deterrents into the State of Georgia resulting in this unlawful task to stop. Read More