27 Apr

How Exactly To Turn Your Android Smartphone Right Into The Home Entertainment Center

When you look at the not-so-distant past, you would have to add thousands of dollars in hardware peripherals and purchase albums, movies, and other media individually (think stacks upon stacks of CDs and DVDs) if you wanted to set up a complete home entertainment center so your TV and stereo could access vast video and music libraries. Now, all you have to is a android os smartphone and maybe one of many media players that are affordable. The lists that are following means of making use of your Android smartphone to stream videos and music to your television and stereo.

Choice 1: Direct Connect

The easiest means to stream videos and tracks to your television and stereo, correspondingly, is via direct connection. A lot of companies provide micro-USB to HDMI cables that allow one to link your Android smartphone right to your tv. A 3.5mm-to-male stereo audio cable lets you tie your headphone jack to your receiver for stereo equipment.

The direct connect technique is easy, however it has one major flaw: your Android os smartphone is tethered to your television or stereo, so that you can not put it to use to get a handle on what you are viewing or playing (aside from simply take telephone calls).

Choice 2: Cordless Connect

The greater attractive choice is to stream movie and sound wirelessly to your television and stereo. To do this, you will need a DLNA-enabled unit in the obtaining end. Many new HD TVs are DLNA-ready; should your television is not, it is possible to nevertheless relate to A dlna-enabled news player. Read More