24 Feb

Accusations you place forth about lesbian lesbophobia and erasure in specific.

We don’t think this ended up being instance of escalation by other people, and I also don’t think other people’s escalation would justify the accusations you place forth about lesbian erasure and lesbophobia in specific. Laura R. ended up being diplomatic. Queer Girl wasn’t aggressive.

They simply disagreed with you. Searching on the remarks will leave me personally because of the summary that you’re the main one who escalated the tone of the conversation. In very first remark you write “All females are bisexual by default?” which hit me personally as reasonably hyperbolic. You have got extrapolated the possibly erroneous recognition of the one homosexual character to imply that the list’s authors think each queer ladies are bisexual by standard. That’s super unnecessary and defensive. And yes, it is obnoxious to choose this battle during bi exposure week and also to ensure it is truly a battle. You’re the only that has both accused Autostraddle along with other commenters of lesbian erasure/lesbophobia AND assumed that they’re accusing you of biphobia in change, but whom called you biphobic? Provided your remarks about bi fandoms attacking individuals, we wonder if perchance you’ve carried on the power off their fandom fights right into a context where it does not use.

We don’t assume that the lesbian would have a problem n’t with bi erasure because We myself have always been a lesbian that has a issue with bi erasure. Read More