09 Dec

13 Recommendations Every Brand New Pastor Needs to Understand

By Joe McKeever

Ask any pastor that is veteran. Probably the most exciting, many wonderful, and scariest time of one’s life is the very very very first pastorate.

Finally, you had been doing exactly just just what Jesus had called you to definitely do. And in some cases, a real congregation ended up being having to pay your wage to accomplish it. No more did you must load cargo or deliver packages or flip burgers.

And although the congregation ended up being tiny, you felt like Solomon whom prayed, “Lord, who can (lead) this great individuals of Yours?” (I Kings 3:9).

You felt honored become here. Keep that feeling, young pastor. The daddy has revealed that you kindness that is wonderful permitting you the privilege of shepherding one of is own flocks.

You don’t deserve this kind of honor. (Nor do you want to deserve a few of the slings and arrows which is coming your path in a nutshell purchase, but that’s another story.)

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