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A CCJ isn’t only Pertaining to Short Term Loans…

Every year, many of whom without even knowing about it over 560,000 people in the UK get a CCJ. Some are convinced that they are driving the rise in CCJs with payday loans so often in the news. But, as it happens, many CCJs would be the outcome of unrelated dilemmas.

CCJ, or County Court Judgements, are a purchase for someone to settle a debt, imposed by a judge. This is applied for by anyone, from businesses to loan providers, as well as other individuals. CCJs are often for fairly large amounts. The normal CCJ, for example, is for approximately ВЈ3,300. But they can be used to collect much smaller debts, like the failure to pay a parking ticket because they are cheap to obtain.

What The Results Are Once You Get Taken Fully To Court For Debt

That you could be taken to court if you owe money, but don’t pay it back, there’s a risk. This is called “making a claim. when you look at the legal jargon” When your creditors take one to court, it is ordinarily a severe matter. Read More