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Title loans on mobile domiciles. Any see any potential issues with beginning a mobile house name financial institution?

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Dustin M.

A person came in my experience recently seeking to borrow $500 in which he has a totally free and clear mobile house. We told him We would allow him borrow the funds if i possibly could put a lien on their mobile house.

Anybody know precisely just how to do that. In addition, this provided me with a great company concept.

Title loans on mobile domiciles (you see all of them the time for vehicles why don’t you mobile domiciles).

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Mike Matthews

Yes, Dustin can it be an idea that is good i really do it myself very often. Each and every time a property is compensated off we make certain the newest owners understand i could provide them with a loan when they want regarding the mobile house. Because of this I suck them back.

In Texas whenever you file the Title or S.O.L Statement of ownership and location, there is certainly an accepted destination to position yourself since the lien owner. Therefore check always you neighborhood states mobile phone Residence Title types.

You can see where you files for the lien if you look at section 8 on this form. Read More