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Bisexual Pride Flag: The CantГє Queer Center during the University of Ca Santa Cruz.

James Blackburn II: “I use fluid bi-sapiosexual on mentally because I have gotten to a point where i no longer see sex but what can turn me. My fluid bisexuality arises from me personally being therefore experienced and open with both sexes and my wish to simply distribute my love.”


Bisexual Pride Flag: The Cantú Queer Center at the NakedCams webcams University of Ca Santa Cruz: “ The bisexual pride banner had been created by Michael web Page in 1998 to be able to give the bisexual community its very own sign much like the Gay pride banner associated with bigger LGBT community. Their aim would be to boost the presence of bisexuals, both among culture in general and in the LGBT community. The deep red or rose stripe towards the top of the banner represents the likelihood of exact exact same sex attraction; the royal blue stripe at the end regarding the banner represents the chance of other sex attraction plus the stripes overlap into the main fifth of this banner to create a deep color of lavender or purple, which represents the chance of attraction anywhere across the whole sex range.”

Bisexual Triangles or “Biangles”: The “biangles” were designed by Boston bisexual activist Liz Nania into the mid-1980s.

Pansexual Pride Flag: The Cantú Queer Center during the University of California Santa Cruz: “ The stripe that is pink feminine gendered individuals, the silver stripe represents people who identify as blended sex, genderless, or 3rd sex, therefore the blue stripe represents male-gendered people. Read More