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A day or two later on, the groom-to-be found Jessica and took her to Murray Park

“Will you marry me personally?” it read.

The couple’s wedding certification claims Stoddard officiated the ceremony 26, 2008, in West Valley City april. Jessica Kingston wore a white gown. The groom wore a suit. No tracks or pictures had been permitted through the ceremony. The bride had been 16. The groom ended up being 21.


The type of Kingston Group brides who marry as minors and for whom The Tribune surely could find birthdates, the typical age ended up being 16 years, 7 months and 12 times. Their grooms averaged two decades and 18 times.

Girls whom reach their mid- and teens that are late begin to have the stress to wed. Jessica Kingston stated when term gets down that a boy or man that is young expected a girl’s dad for authorization to marry her, relatives and buddies are walking as much as that woman asking, “Did you pray about him?”

DeRieux states she ended up being nevertheless senior high school age whenever her dad informed her she necessary to pray about whom to marry, get married and “build The purchase.” Her dad also began calling her mom and prodded her to force DeRieux to have hitched.

The stress became therefore intense DeRieux stopped going to dances. Alternatively, she volunteered for additional changes during the Kingston Group-run coal mine near Huntington, where she worked as a dispatcher.

At 17, she consented to marry a guy inside the very early 20s.

“I knew we was not designed to marry him,” she said, “but we almost did to have everyone else to shut up and leave me personally alone about wedding.”

The plans fizzled because her mom did believe DeRieux had n’t received way from Jesus to marry the person. Read More