02 Feb

Ward thought ended up being key to understanding ‘straight’ intercourse between two males.

Intimate content follows. Demonstrably.

Graham Norton as soon as joked that the essential difference between a straight guy and a gay man had been ‘about four and half pints of lager in my opinion’. This solution, may be closer to actually the facts than one might expect. Some would just state of males resting with guys that ‘They’re maybe not directly, they may be gay’. This will be a subject that sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein explored for NewsAU. Are these males secretly homosexual plus in hiding?

Sexual joy perhaps maybe perhaps not attraction that is sexual

This is certainly one reason why Goldstein discovered for why men that are straight resting with guys. While her research and interviews did find some males had been in reality bisexual or gay. Goldstein reports that certain man that is gay talked to, Max , usually discovered it simple to locate a straight guy thinking about intercourse. Read More